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  • hoshi3


Unfortunately, this icon contest has gone through it's run. Hardly anyone ever submits anymore, and we can't anywhere if we don't have submissions.

We've tried everything that we can, but with a dying fandom comes dying interest, and thus the lack of submission. We can't do anything with votes alone.

So, the current challenge is canceled.

As of today, seed_chorus is closed. Thank you to everyone for your time and effort over the weeks, months, and years to bring this icontest as far as it has gotten.

Any outstanding banners can be picked up at custom_banners.
  • helike

Week 142 Voting

6 icons this time. Please, take your time and vote. Read the rules carefully, the number of icons you vote for has been cut down.

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rules ~
[~] You may not vote for your own icon
[~] The number of the icon is above it.
[~] Vote for 1st and 2nd Place in a clear order. You may not vote for the same icon twice.
[~] There will be no Mod's Choice.
[~] There is no Special Category.
[~] Voting will end Tuesday, March 2nd.

Leaving the rest to hoshi3.
The next challenge should be posted soon.